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Entrepreneur questions?

I am doing a school report on entrepreneurship and i have some questions that need to be answered. If you have any experience please let me know of your answers. The 20 questions are listed below. Thanks.
1.What is the beginning salary?
2.What kinds of salary advancements are regular?
3.Is the salary constant or does it vary?
4.What are the working conditions for this career?
5.What kind of education do you need?
6.What is a typical day like at work?
7.Are the working hours flexible?
8.What college classes are recommended for this career?
9.What high school classes are recommended for this career?
10.Describe the competition for promotions/advancements in this career.
11.Do you work alone or in a group?
12.What kind of talents should a person have to be successful in this kind of work?
13.Does your company provide matching funds for continuing education?
14.Is a membership required before hiring can happen? Explain.
15.Are you your own boss, or do you have a supervisor?
16.What is the most money a person could make in this line of work?
17.Explain your work place social dynamics. Do you work alone or in a group?
18.What kind of temperament is best suited for this work?
19.What licensing requirements are required in this line of work or for advancement?
20.What are the best and worst work conditions one could expect in this profession?

Posted by Zach

1. What is the beginning salary?
Almost nothing
2. What kinds of salary advancements are regular?
Salary is heavily taxed in Canada- so it's better to take "PERKS" and "DIVIDENDS" and keep the salary flat

3. Is the salary constant or does it vary?
Most entrepreneurs aim at eventually getting just under $60000 per year to stay below the radar of punishing taxes that absolutely penalize creativity and stomp on productivity.
You can vary the perks according to your fortunes. Get a nicer truck, write off a trip, dine with some associates.

4. What are the working conditions for this career?
No bus
No cubicle
No fear of getting fired
You get to make so many decisions that you would NEVER be allowed to make as an employee, so you are not permanently 'infantilised' like most citizens
You learn the truth that most people are inept- god bless 'em, and you yourself are not such a bad person
you learn the true meaning of risk- capital risk, market risk, intellectual risk, technical risk, confidence risk, political risk, etc, and you develop a capacity for judgement that none of your friends will ever come close to understanding while commuting to a job every day.
No annoying co-workers

Capital is always scarce
Your ambitions are never satisfied
People's personal problems will attempt to distract you from your mission every single minute- where there's a will- there's a wont!
People over state their abilities
You yourself will over state your capacities- to yourself
EVERYONE lies to you- your governement (3 levels!), your insurance guy, your employees, your clients, your suppliers, and mostly management books.
At first you get cynical- eventually you get on top of it and become a 'manager". Which means: an attenuator of chronic culturally supported mediocrity leading to ineptitude,

5. What kind of education do you need?
Some math is always good -specifically RATIOS- the whole game is ratios.
Time over money, labour over time, miles over weight.

Understanding TIME

having access to a pool of skilful suppliers- this access can come from formal education, maybe. But getting 'inside" the chain of suppliers via family business connections, back room jobs, trade shows, reading trade magazines etc

6. What is a typical day like at work?

I have a partner who 'makes the product", while work the marketing
That means I create advertisements for my pool of 2500 prospects.
A business needs clients more than anything- so I concentrate 4/5 of my time on that.
I also make sure I praise all my staff-every day- because they need it as they have personalities that need that sort of thing.

7. Are the working hours flexible?
Not much- but the seasonality’s create an ebb and flow of intensity.
If the Time factor of a business were flexible, there would – by definition be no pressing need for your product or service. Hence why bother offering it at this tome- or any other-! It would be elective. You and your children would starve. Your business NEEDS to be essential in order to separate your client from his hard earned cash. Time is of the essence. Businesspeople are 'time warpers". They enable something that takes long to occur fast. There is no other reason to transfer money from one party to another, None!

8. What college classes are recommended for this career?
Some basic accounting, basic principles of marketing, and basic consumer/sales psychology.
As an entrepreneur- you almost everyday EXPLANING your business to someone- a bankers, a supplier, a new client, a landlord, an insurer- so good clear communication skill are good/ I took a public speaking course to good effect.

9. What high school classes are recommended for this career?
Geography and a survey of global economics- esp if taught together.
The drive to self employment is 50% driven by subject matter interest and 50% by fear of poverty and loss of autonomy- so a good hard look at the mess that most of the planet is in helps put the fear of god in you.

10. Describe the competition for promotions/advancements in this career.
Anyone good at sales can DEMAND his working conditions and will get those conditions met.
Sales are so important!
11. Do you work alone or in a group?
I am personally a solitary type- so I have to force myself to work in groups. I do find the current emphasis in education on 'working in groups to be a bit over-stated. Employers prefer self motivated, self-directed, self sufficient partners to work with. Big corporations on the other hand prefer slaves who can pull along like a team of horses. Schools have capitulated and sold the souls of their students to this devil.

12. What kind of talents should a person have to be successful in this kind of work?
Perseverance- it isn’t a talent that is innate-it is learnt.
It is learnt by taking risks, failing, repeat ad nausea.
Businesses fail, but businesspeople do not- they simply restart.
Personally- I tend to prefer the start up ph.

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There are a number of entrepreneur-investor matchup sites.

Here's a list of these entrepreneur-investor matchup sites. Read the requirements, and before contacting an investor, take note of the industries and types of businesses they are interested in.

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Also check out crowdfunding sites – this is where people pool in money to contribute to projects that they like to support. Make a compelling case, and maybe people will want to support you

■Kickstarter Http://
■Indiegogo Http://
■Crowdfunder Http://
■Chipin Http://
■Citizen Effect Http://www.citizeneffect

Social Media sites that entrepreneurs and businesses should be on?

I own a small business and want to start using social media to advertise myself and market my products. I'm already on Twitter and Facebook, but are there others? Can you list some social networking sites and explain what they are? Thank you much!

Posted by Janie

Hi, You can check out which is the social network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and creative people.…