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I want to intern under somebody who is a social entrepreneur or entrepreneur. How can I do this?

Im a freshman at Towson University.

Posted by jumpmanwiz32

One of the things entreprenuers have in common is the ability to take initiative, so I encourage you to take the initiative and seek out entrepreneurs in your area. Read the local newspaper and talk to people who are active in the local chamber of commerce to find out who the successful entrepreneurs are in your area. When talking with people, ask them if they are acquainted with the person and if they would be willing to introduce you or if you could use their name when you contact the person.

See if you can find out some useful information, such as does the person prefer contact via telephone, email or written correspondence? If you know the person's preferred method of communication, use it to make an initial contact. If you don't know the preferred method of communiation, try sending a letter (it will stand out because fewer people actually write letters anymore!) or an email to introduce yourself and to ask if they can spend a few minutes with you. If you are interested in an internship, go ahead and mention it along with as much specifics as you can provide such as I am looking to work up to 10 hours per week for a period of 4 months. If you are willing to take an unpaid internship, be sure to mention it. Since companies have tight budgets these days, your offer of an unpaid internship could matter. Be sure to sell yourself, your skills and abilities, basically, the things you can do to help the company. It also doesn't hurt to pay the person a few compliments, especially when you are sincere about them. Tell the person why you want to work with him/her and explain what you hope to learn.

Give the person a variety of ways to reach you (email, phone. Letter) and say that you will reach out to them if you haven't heard back by a particular date (approx. 1 week in the future). Be sure to follow-up with the person. The best way to follow-up is with a phone call.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Can social entrepreneurship be successful in our capitalistic society; if so, how? Why? If not, why not?

What should be changed in our capitalistic society to assist social entrepreneurs in becoming successful? Why? Would strict capitalists recommend such changes in order to accommodate social entrepreneurs? Why? How?

Posted by j

First of all, any project or item can be successful in a capitalistic society. Capitalism is about creating a perceived value someone is willing to pay for and creating it at a cheaper price so you can pay the laborers (costs), the suppliers (costs), and the investors (profits).

Suppliers includes suppliers of money for loans (i.e., banks or bondholders) as well as materials (i.e., plastic, metal, paper).

People say this cannot be done. Well, for all of those people, there was a guy named Steve Jobs who created a little company called Apple in the 1980's which is now the largest company in the world. THAT is capitalism.

Is anyone a teenage entrepreneur….?

I am very interested in teenage entrepreneurs, Is anyone one? I'm interested in what your business was and if it was successful?

Posted by ~@lL!e~

Have you seen the movie Social Network? Mark Zckerberg was a very young Entrpeneur in that film. He created FaceBook.…